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Robbe Arrow Scale 135 RTF 2.4 GHz

Robbe Arrow Scale 135 RTF 2.4 GHz


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Robbe Arrow Scale 135 RTF 2.4 GHz

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This new semi-scale helicopter is based on the popular co-axial helicopter from the NineEagles range.
Like the Draco, Bravo and Solo V1 this model is particularly easy to fly, and quickly provides the beginner with his first taste of success in helicopter flying.
At the same time the elegant fuselage of the Arrow Scale 135 makes for a very good-looking machine.
The fuselage can very quickly be removed from the chassis for maintenance or adjustment work thanks to a carefully designed mounting method.

A flight battery pack and a 2.4 GHz transmitter with a simple mode 1/2 switching and integral charger for the flight pack complete the comprehensive contents of the model.
Set contents
Co-axial rotor helicopter, assembled and set up, ready to fly
Multi-colour plastic canopy
LiPo battery: 3.7 V / 150 mAh
Compact electronic control unit
2.4 GHz LCD transmitter set to mode 2, can be converted to mode 1.
Transmitter fitted with integral flight battery charge function
4 x dry cells for transmitter
Comprehensive operating and flying instructions

Hauptrotordurchmesser ca.: 188
Länge ca.: 215
Fluggewicht ca.: 30