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3-Blade Conversion Set: 360 CFX - BLH4752

3-Blade Conversion Set: 360 CFX - BLH4752


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3-Blade Conversion Set: 360 CFX - BLH4752

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Pop Music!

Multi-blade mechanics have been an itch that the performance heli community has been anxious to scratch since flybarless technology broke ground.
Up until now, finding out what it was like to fly a high-performance helicopter with a 3-blade head has been a significant investment.
Now that the all-new Blade 360 CFX high-voltage heli is available, it’s time to play with the 3-blade performance sensation.
With the 360 CFX Three-Blade Conversion Kit plus our 3-pack of 360mm FBL blades it’s possible to convert your 360 CFX to a 3-blader for just a bit over
There’s nothing to change in the Spektrum AR7200BX unless you want to play with how the cyclic performance to feels.
Once you’ve converted the mechanics the 360 CFX becomes a completely different 3D performance instrument. Collective authority is music to the ears of a hard-core 3D heli pilot.
Among the changes you’ll notice is the exhilarating sound the 360 CFX makes as you make collective and cyclic changes.
But the advantage to the pilot who feels like flying with a little more style and grace can fall in love with the 3-blade setup too.
Running three blades means increased stability at lower head speeds giving you more options to play and find a setup that’s perfect for you.
The conversion kit is engineered with precision so that exploring the sensation of a 3-blade 3D helicopter is simple and easy.
By using most of the existing head parts on the 360 CFX, the kit features only what you need to go from two blades to three.
If it’s “pop” that you’ve been looking to add to your high-voltage 3D experience, tune your Blade 360 CFX with the new 3-blade conversion today.

Needed To Complete

  • 360mm Main Blades (3): 360 CFX