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CH-47A Chinook Heli - 1:72

CH-47A Chinook Heli - 1:72

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CH-47A Chinook Heli - 1:72

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The CH-47 Chinook, the workhorse of the US Army, is manufactured by the Boeing Vertol company.
The Chinook has served as the prime mover for the US Army and other military forces for decades.
Its principal missions include transport of troops, artillery, ammunitions, fuel, water, barrier materials,
supplies and equipment on the battlefield. Other missions include medical evacuation, aircraft recovery,
fire fighting, parachute drops, heavy construction, disaster relief, and search and rescue.
The effectiveness of the Chinook has been continually upgraded by successive product improvements, from the CH-47A to CH-47D.
Continuous product improvements have more than doubled the Chinook's lift capacity since its inception.
Engine: 2 Lycoming T-55-L-714turboshaft, 3,750 shp each Rotor Diameter: 60 ft Fuselage Length: 51 ft
Overall Length: 99 ft Height: 18 ft 7 in Empty Weight: 22,452 lb Max Takeoff Weight: 50,000 lb
Max Speed: 185 mph Ceiling: 17,000 ft Range: 1,250 miles


Item No
Item Name
CH-47A Chinook
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Static Kit
Model Brief
Rotor diameter: 254 mm Length : 418mm
Total Parts
Total Sprues
4 sprues plus left and right fuselages and clear window
Paint Schemes
1) CH-47A(64-13108) served as a test bed for the U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command during 1966
2) CH-47A of the Texas National Guard during 19
Released Date
More Features
The kit consists of 96 parts in grey plastic, 16 clear plastic
parts for canopy