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Hobbywing ESC Skywalker 20A - 80060010

Hobbywing ESC Skywalker 20A - 80060010


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Hobbywing ESC Skywalker 20A - 80060010

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Cont. current: 20A; Max. current: 25A; BEC 5V/2,0A; Number of cells LiPo: 2-3; Number of cells NiCd/NiMH: 5-9; Weight: 19g; Size: 42x25x8mm

The Skywalker series is the perfect choice for ARF or RTF models.
Easy programming and the best possible performance are the main features of this series.
The ESCs are designed exclusively for the control of brushless motors. As batteries either LiPo, NiCd or NiMH Batterys can be used.
The number of cells is detected automatically.

By the use of high quality SMD components, the internal resistance of the ESC is particularly low.
Due to the high frequency feature the Skywalker ESC provides a high resolution and sensitive speed control.
All ESCs have a temperature and overload protection.
And of course the entire series is equipped with an effective start protection, in case the throttle stick on the transmitter is not on neutral when switching on.

With the program card 86020041 the following parameters can be prgrammed:
• Brake on / off
• Battery type (LiPo / NiMH / NiCd)
• Cutoff method (soft / full off)
• Cutoff voltage LiPo (2,85V / 3,15V / 3,3V)
• Cutoff voltage NiMH/NiCd (off / 50% / 65%)
• Soft start (normal / soft / ultra slow)
• Timing (3,75° / 15° / 26,25°)

At the end of the day the Skywalker strikes with its simple handling and high reliability in practice.
The high grade silicone cables in a flexible design underline the high quality. Go and get the best price-performance ratio on the market!

• Extremely low inner resistance
• High PWM frequency
• Dynamic brake function
• Temperature protection
• Overload protection
• Start protection system
• Easy programming by program card
• Soft start feature
• Motor cut off when loss of signal or interference
• High grade wires with silicone isolation
• 100% reliable

target group:
Starters & Intermediates