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MaxPro Battery Monitor 4S (MPBM4S)

MaxPro Battery Monitor 4S (MPBM4S)

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MaxPro Battery Monitor 4S (MPBM4S)

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The Maxpro Battery Monitor can monitor your battery status in use, usually the voltage of battery will drop when it is using, so the Maxpro Battery Monitor will monitor the voltage and report the result to you with light and buzzer. Even use this monitor so you can find any problems in your heli or airplane, it can help you to find your heli or airplane whether is health or not.

Blue light shines
Blue light flashs
Red light shines
Red light flashs
& Beep
7.4v up
7.4v ~ 6.8v
6.8v ~6.6v
below 6.6v
11.1v up
11.1v ~ 10.2v
10.2v ~ 9.9v
below 9.9v
14.8v up
14.8v ~ 13.6v
13.6v ~ 13.2v
below 13.2v
22.2v up
22.2v ~ 20.4v
20.4v ~ 19.8v
below 19.8v