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Precisie Prop Balancer - TOPQ5700

Precisie Prop Balancer - TOPQ5700


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Precisie Prop Balancer - TOPQ5700

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The most accurate balancer available — an indispensable tool that any modeler can afford.

Over time, prop vibration can do a lot of damage to a model plane. It can harm radio components by weakening solder joints...damage the engine by increasing wear...even lead to a crash by forming bubbles in the fuel that cause engine cut out.

Top Flite's inexpensive, revolutionary magnetic balancer cuts friction to barely 1/8 that of traditional wheel-type balancers. That makes it the most accurate balancer available and an essential item for every modeler's workbench and field box.


Unique magnetic design slashes friction to the mininum, by literally suspending a pointed, perfectly trued balancing shaft in mid air.

Provides incredible accuracy anywhere, even in dusty or humid conditions no parts to rust or bind.

Made of durable, high impact plastic and nickel plated steel to last a lifetime.

Assembles in seconds easy to use and becomes its own sturdy carrying case when balancing is done.

Works with prop sizes to 24" diameter, plus spinners, hubs and more.