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Robbe Blue Arrow SR RTF 2.4 GHz

Robbe Blue Arrow SR RTF 2.4 GHz


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Robbe Blue Arrow SR RTF 2.4 GHz

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Robust single rotor helicopter with innovative 2,4 GHz transmitter with all fittings.

For years now one of our most successful models in the beginners' bracket has been our Blue Arrow Coaxial RTF 2.4 GHz.
Now we have decided to carry out further development on this successful model:
the newly introduced Blue Arrow SR represents a worthy companion to the earlier model.
With its single-rotor technology this helicopter reflects the latest state of technology,
but without forfeiting the superb flying characteristics of its co-ax brother.
As with all robbe Arrow-series models the Blue Arrow SR is supplied in a comprehensive set.
A plug-type charger is supplied as well as a rechargeable flight battery and dry cells for the radio control system.

As is familiar from the Nano Arrow, the 2.4 GHz radio control system supplied in the set can be converted from Mode 2 to Mode 1 simply by folding the aerial to the opposite side.
Set contents
Single-rotor helicopter, fully assembled and set up, ready to fly |
2-blade tail rotor powered by electric motor
Multi-colour plastic canopy
Electric main drive motor
LiPo battery, 3.7 V / 500 mAh
Battery charger with mains PSU
Compact electronic control unit 2.4 GHz LCD transmitter set to mode 2, can be converted to mode 1. | 4 x dry cells for transmitter
Replacement tail rotor
Comprehensive operating and flying instructions

Hauptrotordurchmesser ca.: 328
Heckrotordurchmesser ca.: 70
Fluggewicht ca.: 108
Länge ca.: 360
Höhe ca.: 130